Thankfully I'm no genius so I was already in love with them without any problem. Also who would make it an issue to fall for them? Now I have to say, I absolutely love this MV, the colors, the saturation, the explosion of bright colors etc. The styling made me feel so excited and I personally think is one of their best era!!! It's really giving me "main character" shit and omg do I love it! It's almost like they're pulling us form the strict more serious character to the more mischievous, playful character and that I find to be such a tease!!! Like they're playing a double game here and it's reminding me of a sweet and sour candy kinda. This is super cheeky! They all look so so so good!
Now about the song, I think it's still too early for me to say that I like this song, all I can say is that I am not disliking it but it has a lot of room to grow on me for sure. I'm super curious to know what the general public think of this song actually since this is quite a reversal compared to their past few comebacks!

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