Constellation Stories with Helen Avery

Join Slooh storyteller Helen Avery this Sunday at 9pm ET for Constellation Stories of Monoceros.

You may be surprised to learn that lurking between Orion’s dogs lies none other than a unicorn…, or rather – Monoceros, as this one-horned constellation is known.
We’ll be sharing tales of this mythical (or is it..?) creature whose existence was sworn by Caesar, Marco Polo, Aristotle, North African missionaries, Sultans, and even the scribes of the Bible.

But perhaps an even greater story is that of the very man who named this constellation - Pieter Platevoet, a Dutch astronomer, cartographer and clergyman. What was his role in the Dutch East India Company? How was it that he came to name the Southern constellations? And what did Platevoet have to do with Henry Hudson’s death…?

In between tales we’ll be hoping to catch a glimpse through Slooh’s telescopes of the Rosette Nebula, the Christmas Tree Cluster, and, of course, as we sail to foreign lands in search of exotic mammals, we will certainly set anchor at the cluster Avery’s Island…

We hope you will join our voyage into history and space!
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