LUCID|Acrylic Back Cover with Hybrid TPU Bumper for iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

With Monocozzi, less is more. The Lucid Transparent Case with Hybrid TPU Bumper and Acrylic Back Case satisfies our protectiveness by providing a shock protection and dust-free armour for your new iPhone. Its minimal design blends naturally with the iPhone and you can barely feel its existence. The subtle phone strap holes on the bottom corner take care of your phone charms. This very minimal simple case is actually doing a lot for you.

/ Soft All-Rounded Impact Protection
/ Shock Absorption
/ Acrylic transparent back
/ Phone Strap Holes
/ Apple Pay Compatible

iPhone 11 Pro - 14.57.51 cm (25g)
iPhone 11 - 15.27.71 cm (25g)
iPhone 11 Pro Max - 1681 cm (27g)

Material: TPU+Acrylic
Color: Charcoal / Beige

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Facebook : Monocozzi
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