Amuse Me

When the Muse is accidentally summoned into the world by deadbeat writer John Doe, he will stop at nothing to harness Muse’s lucrative creative potential. Can creativity be used, consumed or controlled? Or is freedom the catalyst for artistic expression?

The Freestanding Room.
4324 Boulevard St-Laurent, Suite 300

Muse - Éléonore Lamothe, Sophia Metcalf and Oliver Price
John Doe - Laurent McCuaig-Pitre

Written by Laurent McCuaig-Pitre
Directed by Rahul Gandhi
Violette Kay - Assistant Director
Kate Babin - Stage Manager, Light Design
Thalia Stefaniuk - Costume & Set Design, graphics
Kevin Demmerle - Sound Design
Adrian MacDonald - Producer

Rahul Gandhi and Adrian MacDonald founded Tantalus in 2016 out of a mutual love of theatre. At Tantalus, we aim to engage emerging and student artists in Montreal by giving them a platform to meet, network, create and shine. Our work is aimed at progressive-minded audiences and asks: what is it to be human in the light of modern day? "Amuse Me" is Tantalus' 2nd production.

Directors Note
To me, "Amuse Me" is a story about freedom in every sense of the word. This is a project of love for me. I want to push the boundaries of dramatic storytelling and its relationship with space, as well as promote conversation on societal issues we all face today. That being said, "Amuse Me" is a project I hold very dear to my heart. After my last venture in directing ("Adoration", March 2017), Laurent approached us with the proposition to work together. I fell in love with the script after my first read, and I knew it could be pushed further! After months of dramaturgy, workshops, new drafts, the dedication of over a dozen local artists and of course, rehearsals, I am excited to share "Amuse Me" with all of you. Enjoy!

Non-nude crude sexual acts, stylized violence
18+ Men Only
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