Lucid Plus Folio | Shock Resistant Folio Case with Apple Pencil Slot for iPad Pro 11" / 12.9" 2018

Official Ipad 12.9" :
Official Ipad 11" :

Sometimes one single careless drop can cost a fortune to repair your iPad. With the Lucid + Folio case for the new iPad, it's ultra strong protection keeps your iPad in good shape even when you drop it from your hand on a concrete floor. It also comes with the Apple Pencil slot which hides inside the case, which prevents the pencil dropping out while on the road. Coming in a range of new colour series, this case is tailored for the restless minds and playful souls.

Size: 28.5 * 23.2 * 1.3 cm
Weight: 395 gram
Material: PU Leather + Polycarbonate + TPU
Color: Charcoal / Navy Blue / Coral

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Instagram : monocozzi
Facebook : Monocozzi
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