WXLW 150 Monopole Tower erection

The Indianapolis "Communications Port", today completed phase one. Our new 150 foot cellular tower was topped off. In October the AM multi-station broadcast system will be complete serving at least 4 broadcasting stations with dual audio backup and total power backup.Then in November the 190 foot Cellular/ Broadcast LP FM tower will go into service. This is the first of its kind "Communications Port" in the nation serving AM, LP FM, cellular, microwave and community WiFi antennas on 20 acres in near (city) Indianapolis. Once again we are ahead of the curve for 2020. This is a Hood/Crider project. We have been a Christian Faith Based, Broadcasting and Technology company since 1996, serving the world from home base in Indianapolis to Central America, Colorado, Florida, and Papua New Guinea.

Engineering by Graham Bock, LBA Group, Tower Works, Saber tower, World Tower, Nautel and Broadcasters General Store.

All new towers, all new fiber, a new power to the site. We have moved from 1948 to 2015 in 90 days.

Only the best for Indy. There is no site that can offer you the future, today!
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