Nature Watercolor Painting Tutorial | Watercolor Ideas For Beginners

Hey everyone! In today's video I will show you guys two watercolor ideas for beginners. I’ll show you step by step on how to make two watercolor lakes. I haven't created hard steps so this tutorial is hopefully easy and fun for beginners.

I'm using my paper mostly to mix instead of my palette because it's hard to fit that huge stuff in the video. For this tutorial you don't have to use the same colors, you can have your own theme. One big thing you guys will learn in this video is how to paint the watercolor reflections! That was fun for me!

The first painting is a sunset watercolor painting with a colorful sky and reflection. The second one is a late with huge mountain reflections, all done in one similar watercolor shade.

Which one do you guys like more? Comment!

Here are the materials I used:

Canson 140 lb paper
Masking Tape (dollar store)
Opera Pink, Yellow, Royal Blue, Lamp Black from Holbein
Cerulean Blue and Hooker Deep Green from Van Gogh
Thin brush: 4 Cotman 222
Thick brush: 12 Dynasty SC 362 R
Mona lisa
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