Why don't we have quantum computers yet? - Chris Monroe and John Morton

What are the barriers we will need to overcome to make quantum computing relevant for the real-world problem? Are they problems inherent in scaling physical systems to large numbers of well-controlled qubits? The need for quantum communications networks to allow modular and distributed systems? The limitations of existing programming languages or the difficulty of constructing new quantum algorithms? Probably, all of these.

To explore these barriers and how they are being addressed, Horizon Quantum Computing is launching a series of discussions with experts in each of these domains. In each #QuantumWell discussion, we talk with two scientists putting their energy into tunnelling through these barriers to useful quantum computing.

In this first discussion, we are addressing the elephant in the room, building scalable quantum processors, with two leading experts making an impact not just as scientists but also as founders of companies pushing the limits of computing technology.

So why don't we have quantum computers yet? Horizon’s guest-speakers Dr Chris Monroe, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of IonQ, and Dr John Morton, Founder and CTO of Quantum Motion, try to answer that question.

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