Annihilation - The Battle of Berezina - Napoleon Total War

Surrounded by two Russian armies and with Kutozov's main army on the way, the French had to cross the river at all costs. Since the battle "Bérézina" has been used in French as a synonym for "disaster."

For those interested in learning how to create massive armies such as in the opening sequence, see how it was done by XtheatroN here :

Historical Inaccuracies:
Historically the battle took place on the 27th, as the first bridge was completed on the 26th.
General Wittgenstein and Admiral Chichagov attacked from both sides of the river at the same time.
Expecting certain defeat, Napoleon had most of the French standards burned.
As far as I know, Napoleon did not lead any charges.

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Also Special Thanks to theatroN for giving me the first and third scenes in the intro.
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