Metal Mox Card – Founding Members exclusive

Made of stainless steel to signify the long-term relationship we hope to build with you, this limited-edition metal Mox Card is exclusively reserved for our Founding Members – the first 3,000 who sign up via our website and become Mox customers.

Sign up now and you may be early enough to receive the metal Mox Card. If you miss out on the metal Mox Card, you may still have the opportunity to be given early access to the Mox experience when we launch later this year!*

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限量版金屬Mox Card由不銹鋼製成,象徵我們期望與你建立長久的關係,並由創始成員 —— 首3,000位透過我們的網站登記並成為Mox的客戶 —— 獨家享有。

立即登記,你可能獲得限量版金屬Mox Card!不然的話,你仍有機會於Mox今年稍後開業時率先體驗 Mox 不一樣的銀行服務*

即上 登記!

*Promotion terms and conditions apply. (
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