How to Exercise your Brain - Staying Sharp Animated Book Review

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Are you wanting to learn how to exercise your brain to keep it youthful and strong? This book outlines 7 basic rules for an extremely healthy brain. The first involves exercise and movement. Movement, rest, nourishment, curiosity, flexibility, optimism, empathy, being well connected to your surroundings and always staying authentic are the top 9 keys to staying youthful. In this book, "Staying Sharp: 9 Keys for a Youthful Brain through Modern Science and Ageless Wisdom", authors Henry Emmons and David Alter explain the tricks to exercising your brain. I picked this book up at a library and thought I would share some of the tips I found through an easily digestible format. If you have Tai Lopez on Snapchat, you'll find how much movement and exercise he includes into his daily routine. Also, being curious is probably the largest key to keeping your brain full of wonder and excitement. The rest of the tips, like including a few vitamins into your daily diet have made a tremendous impact on the morning routine when I do my creative work.

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