(Maya Isac - Noam (Live Acoustic

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Thanks to everyone who took part in this video:
Directed & Edited by SABABA (Indy Hait) https://www.facebook.com/saabaabaa
Recorded and mixed by Ronen Hajaj
Makeup by Refael Itay Baron
Styling by Limor Rihanna
Hair & beautiful balcony by Eylon Nuphar

He was 16
Holding her hand
They were wasting
All the time they had
They were building big wonders
They knew- time stayed as long as they want it
Remained as much as they need it
The world flies around me with you

Won't you be mine forever
Stay here together
We could nurture each other
Find us another world to be
All the beauty we'll see
Won't you sing me a song
And take me among
The flowers we'll grow
We'll conquer the world
These feeling will remain with me

She was 15
Spinning in a day dream
Waiting, counting and wishing
For that ship to sail them away
Can't you see its coming?
Shining in the distance
Beaming- leaving all reason behind
Let’s be here and stay

Let's stay here forever
Be here together...

Won't you be mine forever
Stay here together
We could nurture each other
Find a different world to be
Hope its beauty we'll see
I'll sing you a song
It's taken so long
The flowers we've grown
Are standing alone
These feelings have remained with me

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