Hero Hiralal - Part 02/13 - Cult Classic Blockbuster Romantic Movie - Naseeruddin Shah

Watch one of the most critically acclaimed cult Bollywood offbeat art movie, 'Hero Hiralal' (1988), starring stars Naseeruddin Shah & Sanjana Kapoor in the lead & also Saeed Jaffrey, Satish Shah, Rohini Hattangadi, Deepa Sahi, Johnny Lever, Mohan Gokhale. Amitabh Bachchan comes in as a special appearance. Directed by Ketan Mehta & produced by Gul Anand. Music composed by Babla. Lyrics by Hriday Lani.

Synopsis: Naseeruddin Shah is Hero Hiralal, a Hyderabadi Auto-driver, who meets an upcoming Bollywood starlet, Roopa (Sanjana Kapoor) and becomes her tour guide. Soon, the two fall in love.

Work takes Roopa back to Bombay. Hero, pining for his lover follows her and has an encounter with her family members who clearly disapprove of him. Roopa's family tells her to reject Hero's love and move on with her career. Buckling under family pressure, Roopa is compelled to give up her love which causes Hero to fall into depression and attempt suicide. He is saved in time by Rani Sitara Devi, a show lady (Deepa Sahi) who arranges for him to die like a great lover in supposedly the greatest show on earth as directed by her. Fortunately, Hero is saved once again in the nick of time when Roopa arrives in a rush at the last minute to confess her love for him.
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