How to Quit Porn?? लत छोड़ने के कतई Practical Tips.HJ

How to Quit Porn and most practical approach
this is a wide topic so i have covered most
This is Hindi Practical motivation from Hum Jeetenge,
#HumJeetenge #Practical
Video Chapters Summary
00:00 HumJeetenge
00:20 A. Kill the Routine
00:31 A.1 Commitment Device
00:58 A.2 Stop the Triggers
01:06 Hypersensitivity
01:55 A.3 Change Environment
03:05 B.Change the Lifestyle
03:22 B.1 Count Goals not Days
04:23 B.2 Keep a journal
05:18 C.Self-Care for Fast Recovery
05:25 C.1Exercise और Meditation
06:26 C.2 ध्यान
07:00 C.3 प्रकृति में समय बिताएं
07:29 D.1 Extinction Training

Ep01 Porn से आपके दिमाग में क्या बदलाव आते हैं
behavioral addiction
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