Top 10 Note Taking e-Readers 2020: Ranked

Are you looking to purchase a new digital note taking device? This comprehensive Top 10 list takes a look at all of the very best that money can buy. It is a mix of small and large screen devices from brands you know and trust.

Every year Good e-Reader releases our buyers guide, this is designed to give you the truth behind all of our picks, we focus on the positives and negatives.

1. Onyx Boox Note Air
2. Remarkable 2
3. Supernote A5
4. Fujitsu Quaderno A4
5. Onyx Boox Max Lumi
6. Boyue Likebook Alita
7. Xiaomi W7
8. iReader Smart 2
9. Boyue Likebook Ares
10 iFlytek AI Note

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