Sesshutei Jouei Temple (subtitles字幕)

Sesshutei Jouei Temple Yamaguchi

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Yamaguchi City, capital of Yamaguchi prefecture, is about 1 hour by train West of Hiroshima, the southern most tip of the main island of Japan. It is famous for its history (being the starting place of the Meiji Restoration) seafood (particularly blowfish), politicians (more prime ministers came from Yamaguchi than any other prefecture, including Tokyo), and being the prosperous "Kyoto of the West" due to its trade connections with the continent. As well as eight prime ministers, Yamaguchi was/is home to: poets Misuzu Kaneko and Chuuya Nakahara, Movide Director Yamada Youji (of "Torasan/Otoko wa Tsurai yo" fame), Field's prize mathematician Heisuke Hironaka, Uniqlo apparel stores, and comedian Atsushi Tamura of London Boots Ichigo Nigo among many others.
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