Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Marengo 1800 DOCUMENTARY

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most talented military leaders in the history, so every battle he fought is fascinating, as well as his complete knowledge of tactical and strategic aspects of the war. He was part of the French Revolution and ended it, he was the biggest conqueror of Europe, but also brought its unity closer. The battle of Marengo of 1800, which took place during the War of the Second Coalition between Napoleon and Austrian troops under Baron Michael von Melas is interesting, as French leader committed a big mistake, but was able to score a big victory through sheer will and tactical acumen. We are planning a series of videos on Napoleon if this video gets enough attention. :-)

List of Episodes:
Battle of Marengo 1800 - *You are right here!*
Battle of Trafalgar 1805 -
Battle of Austerlitz 1805 -
Battle of Jena-Auerstedt 1806 -
Battle of Eylau 1807 -
Battle of Friedland 1807 -

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Inspired by: BazBattles, Invicta (THFE), Epic History TV and Historia Civilis, Time Commanders

Machinimas made on the Napoleon: Total War

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:, Napoleon: Total War

Songs used:
Richard Beddow - Napoleon Bonaparte - Total War Napoleon Soundtrack
Peter Sandberg - Subtle Substitutes 3
Johannes Bornlof - Solemn
Magnus Ringblom - Marching In
Johannes Bornlof -Exile Before Dishonor
Rannar Sillard - Emperors of Tomorrow 13
Rannard Sillard - Deathmatch 3
Johannes Bornlof - Barbarians
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