1411 - Trailer

Whilst, the others are selling certainties, I don't know. I don't know. Shall you provoke and indulge. Get a taste of this horror show. I'll dance to the music, you may play the role. No one fancy my murderer, like the winds gone cold, so I compose my wet dreams and forget what I was told. The truth and the lie about the perverted little lush. In the mood. In the nude. Entertain, provoke, elude.
And you just might have to accept the truth, that the alcohol talks more than I should. You seem so interesting and I, perpetually grandiose.

I believe someone asked: "what is the point of you and this abuse?"

- I am pins and needles in a bubble world that subdues my muse,
in other words;
je suis onze, je suis ici et je le fais pour toi.
18+ Men Only
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