IBM CEO says new computer chip could reduce data center power consumption by 75 percent

Arvind Krishna also said the company’s new computer chip is 5,000-times smaller than a human hair, and nearly doubles the performance of the current most advanced chip.
“We often talk in the semiconductor industry about moving in nanometers meaning how small are the features on these semiconductors. And this one at two nanometers, just to give you a sense, the [inaudible] is at seven nanometers and it’s most advanced. So this is quite a bit smaller. And in terms of the technology involved, human hair is ten thousand nanometers, so that gives you a sense of how tiny these features are… It uses one fourth as much energy as today’s seven nanometer technology, so that tells you that you could make cell phones that may be four times longer in battery life, or you could power a data center with one-fourth as much energy as before. You also get twice as much performance, well, 40, 43-percent more performance…. So you put all that together and that really gives us a way forward for what we can do in semiconductors.”
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