China 70th Anniversary National Day Parade Begins

China celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic with a military parade and a speech by President Xi Jinping

As Chinese President Xi Jinping gets set to celebrate 70 years of Communist rule in China, pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong are planning to upset the celebrations with a series of potentially violent protests.

The Oct. 1 National Day events in Beijing will include a high-profile speech from Xi as well as a military parade past Tiananmen Square that is set to show off China’s most advanced weaponry, including ballistic missiles and warplanes. In Hong Kong, where protests have rocked the financial hub for 17 straight weekends, residents are braced for a numerous protests to push back against China’s tightening grip over the city.

Xi arrived in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square accompanied by current and former state leaders, including predecessors Hu Jintao, 76, and Jiang Zemin, 93. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang gave an official pronouncement to start the ceremony, followed by an honor guard marching from the Monument to the People’s Heroes across the square to the fire of a 70-gun salute. The national flag was raised as Xi sang along with the country’s anthem, “March of the Volunteers.”

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