Billionaire Boys Club (1987)

Based on a true story: Billionaire Boys Club is a two-part TV movie that first aired on NBC in 1987. It told the story of the Billionaire Boys Club, and its founder, Joe Hunt, who was convicted in 1987 of murdering con-man Ron Levin. The film was written by Gy Waldron and directed by Marvin J. Chomsky. The miniseries was rebroadcast on NBC in 1989.

The Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) was an investment-and-social club organized by Joseph Henry Gamsky, also known as "Joe Hunt", in southern California in 1983. It was originally simply named "BBC"; the initials of a business named the Bombay Bicycle Club, a restaurant Gamsky had frequented in his earlier years while growing up in Chicago.

The club enticed the sons of wealthy families from the Harvard School for Boys (now Harvard-Westlake School) in the Los Angeles area with get-rich-quick schemes. Because of the reputation of the organization being composed of young, inexperienced boys from moneyed families, jocose slang got around that "BBC" stood for "Billionaire Boys' Club".The organization was run as a Ponzi scheme, and money contributed by investors was spent on supporting lavish lifestyles for young members of the club. When funds ran short in 1984, Hunt and other club members turned to murder, and at least two people were killed as Hunt tried to raise more money.
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